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Dog Ear

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Dog Ear


Dog Ear pays homage (respect, honor, praise) to the famous writers of Monterey. With the likes of Robert Louis Stevenson, John Steinbeck, Henry Miller and others, Monterey was a hotbed of creative writing. While we can’t be certain which side of the dog ear debate, they chose (hands off the first editions!), we do know they were great writers. Enjoy with a good read and you decide whether to “dog ear” or not.

Head Winemaker: Alison Crowe

Appellation: 100% California

Tasting Notes

We handcrafted this wine to represent the grapes grown in Monterey County. This Chardonnay exudes flavors with grace and complexity showcasing exquisite ripe fruit character with crisp acidic structure. Enjoy the nuances of apples, pears and vanilla with a balanced, smooth finish.


We picked individual vineyard blocks with the perfect balance between ripeness, sweetness, acidity and flavor and then fermented them separately. This wine went through malolactic fermentation to preserve a little bit of acidity and allowed for a wonderful creaminess and roundness to suffuse the wine. The lots were then aged with a mix of medium and medium + toasted oak barrels.

Grape Sourcing

Planted on bench-lands and sandy, well-drained sites in Monterey County, our vineyards dip in and out of the fog line during the ripening season.  Blocks near the Western Santa Lucia AVA yield intense color and flavor while those on north towards the mouth of the Monterey Bay give us flavor density and great acid retention.