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30 Degrees Pinot Noir

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30 Degrees

30 Degrees harvest vineyards and hand-crafts wines for every occasion and every degree of life… From daily home festivities to milestone celebrations with family and friends, to making every moment more worthwhile, more enjoyable and making every second count.

Head Winemaker: Alison Crowe

Appellation: 100% California

Cabernet Sauvignon

Winery Notes

Planted on bench lands and sandy, well-drained sites in Monterey County, our vineyards dip in and out of the fog line during the ripening season. Because we control the winemaking process from vineyard block to bottle, we are able to showcase the Monterey AVA in this bottle.



We picked individual vineyard blocks with the perfect balance between ripeness, sweetness, acidity and flavor and then fermented them separately. This wine went through 100% complete malo-lactic fermentation in order to allow a wonderful creaminess and roundness to suffuse the wine. The lots were then oak-aged with a mix of medium and medium + French oak.


Grape Sourcing

This Cabernet Sauvignon was sourced from our premier vineyard named “Estrella Vineyard” in Paso Robles. We looked to the northside of Paso Robles which has rolling hills and is warm and sunny with just the right conditions for a Cabernet Sauvignon that naturally has characteristics of wild berry and spice.

Pinot Noir


Winery Notes

30 Degrees Pinot Noir is ruby in color and has ripe berry and vanilla aromas followed by flavors of cherry, strawberry, blackberries, cola, and a hint of spice. The smooth mouthfeel, velvety tannins and super-long finish add up to a spectacularly balanced and luscious Pinot Noir.



The grapes were hand-picked at night and in the early morning hours. They were then brought to the winery and 100% destemmed. After a brief cold soak, they were fermented in small vats, maximizing temperature at 85 degrees F. After being gently pressed, the lots went through 100% malolactic fermentation before aging in French oak for 9 months. Patient months of aging yielded “elevated” characters of cherry, strawberry, toast, and a little hint of spice. A mixture of light and medium + toast contributed body, richness and finesse character.



Grape Sourcing

This Pinot Noir was sourced from our sandy, hilly vineyards near Los Alamos in Santa Barbara County. The fog of the east-west valley in Los Alamos gives the wine freshness while the sandy hill blocks provide a balancing ripeness and roundness. Rolling hills, sandy, well-drained soils and careful vineyard site selection mean that we get a great mix of ripeness, flavor density and acid retention.